August Report

August is a slow down month for the white river as it has been for a number of years. Due mostly to back to school and the opressive heat. It is also a time which is not crowded and the fishing is still good. Generation of course is generally up at this time of year due to electrical power demand. Cuirrently the lake level is around 652 or just below the normal pool elevation of 654.00. We have geen getting some low water from time to time and when we do the fish really like it as they will take just about any fly put in front of them. The norfork river has also been down during the day more so than the White River. I have been fishing the “fork” some by taking the boat downstream and getting into the C&R area at McClellands. During the weekdays there will be no one there and we have the river to ourselves. Midges, Sj Worms, Trout Crack as well as some dry flies have been working well.
On the white river Drys, (terrestials), Sjworms, midges (small as in Yongs specials) and the Roo Scud have been good producers for my fishers.
With no rain this past month and heavy generation in the afternoons bringing Bull Shoals Lake down I do anticipate a low water fall this year barring any heavy rains. Should make for some good fishing as well as wading and sight fishing water.

Book now for september and october fishing. The spawn will start downstream in october and work it’s way upstream through January. Should make for some good fish pics.

Jimmy T.

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