Labor Day Weekend Fishing Report.

Fished for three days on Friday, sat and Sunday. On friday I really wasn’t expecting any water generation because of the previous pattern all week was for no generation in the morning. That all changed on friday of course as the corps ran water through out the night and then through the entire labor day weekend. Granted it was mostly weak water a half unit up to two units during the day with more later in the afternoon. I must admit that the fishing was pretty good though as the fish were taking a foam floating fly called the bi-visible. Fraiday was an insane bite with lots of hits and takes on each drift. Our best fish on friday was a 20 1/2 inch brown trout (see pic in the gallery: Larry from Kansas). Saturday wasn’t quite as good but still a good bite on the surface with the bi-visible fly and the biggest fish of the day a 19 1/2 inch brown trout. The next day we only fished a half day with the biggest fish an 18 inch bow and my buddy Brian from St. Louis with a 17 inch bow (pic in gallery). I actually got to fish for a couple of days which is rare as when I am guideing I never fish. I don’t want to get into my fishermans fish and take away any possibe strikes.

After the usual august slowdown september begins to pick up a little. The lake will soon turn over and we will begin to fish more downstream. In october the spawn will start downstream and move upstream into february. Our nights are getting cooler with temps in the 60’s and the days temps are dropping below 90 and the forcast for this upcoming week is hi temps to be in the low to mid 80’s. The fish at this time are healthy and well fed but our water quality (oxygen levels) will begin to suffer some when the lake does turn over. Thus the reason for fishing further down stream where the water has had time to gain some oxygen.

Fiishing in Sept, Oct and November will get better as the tempretures cool down. Our cabin on the river we manage and rent does have some vacancies for the month of Sept as does my guideing schedule so here are a few good reasons to book either the cabin and my services or just the cabin. Rivercliff Cabin is located about 2 miles below Bull Shoals Dam and has the first dock on the river after the state park dock. The cabin itself has a full kitchen, queen bed, full living room with two recliners two sofas with pull outs as well as a love seat that pulls out thus being able to accomodate up to 8 folks (couples). OK it’s a tight fit but 4 guys or two couples would be comfortable. The cabin also has a full bathroom dining table and four chair, covered deck overlooking the river (30ft from riverbank) and a boat ramp for your convience. There is also a picnic table and two sizes of charcoal grills. I’m in the process of building a fire ring for the fall which should be ready by the middle of september. For pictures of the cabin and other info see and there is a link to the right.

Here are some vacant days and a special or two to promt you to book the cabin and the cabin and a guide trip. For the month of sept the night of the 4th and 5th take 25 percent off the regular booking price.

From the night of the 9th through the 12th (take your pick on days). Three nights and book a guided flyfishing trip and only pay for the trip and two nights. Or stay two nights with a guided flyfishing trip and pay half price for one night at the cabin.

From the 23th through the 26th take 20% off the price of the of the cabin and the price of renting a boat and motor or 20 % off the price of any guided trip.

As for october the 23rd thru the 25th are open as are the 28th thru the 31st. Guiding is available those days as well. Give us a call (cabin rental 870-431-7777)
My cell phone number is 870-404-8906

Good fishing.

Jimmy T.

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