Caddis & More Caddis.

Can you say dry flys? Mike T. from Mt. Home and our current Prez of the NAFF was quick to say yes and it paid off pretty good for him.  Five brown trout for the morning with four of them on caddis dry flies and a bunch of bows to boot.

Mike was rigged with with a 14 sulpher and an elk hair caddis on the end.  At times he was getting takes on just about every cast.  The “hatch” would last for 10 or 15 minutes then slow down and did so for a couple of hours until the cloud cover shut off the sun and the hatch.  We got an early start on the morning with the first fly in the water by 7:10 AM and headed to our spot to fish.  It started out slow with no fish until 7:30 am.

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My apologies for a lack of reports as I’ve been a bit under the weather and am about back to normal and should be at 100% in a few more days.

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