Surprise: More Shad Come Through

Wasn’t expecting this but today is the third day shad have come through the dam.  Thursday was the first day that I can confirm that shad came through and they came through alive and swimming.  On friday shad came through agin floating and mad it all the way down to Wildcat Shoals and once again this morning shad have come through.   The fish are pretty hard to catch on the upper end this morning.  We have some shad patterns in stock in the shop and if you want to know how to fish them drop by and we will show you how.  It’s pretty fun fishing time when the top surface hit is good.  If no more come through during the next few days then the action will be pretty good the following days.

Also got a report from a lake fisherman that dead shad were seen on the lower end of the lake.  Our river can always use shad to feed the trout.

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