Lower Flows-Caddis Hatch-Trout Hunter Tippet-Henry’s Wading Report

Due to flooding further down stream we have been seeing lower flows on both the White and Norfork Rivers.  Wading opportunities with no generation on the Norfork have been available in the mornings until a full two units have been kicked on around 11:00 or noon.

We are also seeing some pretty good caddis on the upper end of the river from Ranchetts up to the Blue Hole about 6 miles down stream of the dam.  Caddis nymphs are working well in the afternoons.  When this flooding down stream subsides I am pretty sure we will begin seeing some heavier flows.

Henry’s Wading Report:

It has been a long dry spell for any spectacular wade fishing as far as I know. That all changed yesterday May 6. The Norfork Tailwaters was a waders dream come true for the morning period.

Entered the water on the lower section at 7:45 tied on a #16 Ruby Midge, at 9:00 had caught and released 18 bows from 10″ – 16″, changed flies to a #16 Rainbow Warrior Midge and till 10:00 caught and released 13 bows all in the 13″ – 16″ range, decided to change flies again just because and tied on #18 PT Midge and for the next hour caught and released 9 bows.

During these periods I would move down river so never fished the same area with two different flies. Even though I never caught any large trout you could see some monsters laying on the bottom finning. Perhaps RS Sowbugs may have worked, I was just too lazy to change flies.

The majority of the fish were holding in the slower and more shallow part of the river or were deep where the water would have been slower.

Unless we have a big rain, would expect this trend to last for awhile.


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