Caddis Hatch~Lake Rising Again

A good week for caddis fishing with lower flows and some sunshine to help these caddis pop up out of the water.  On Tuesday the Rachaphillia began (large white winged ones) and they went to taking our emergers.  Finally this hatch is happening and is a little late by 6 weeks or so.  So now is a good time to be here.  At least when the sun is out.

More rain overnight and this morning now have the river down to minimum flow due to flooding down stream.  We should see some lower flows through May and see the higher flows when it warms up again.

As you can see the lake level of Both the Norfork and Bull Shoals lake is rising and above the normal pool elevation.  Our ground is saturated and any rain we are getting runs off into the lakes.  For Bull Shoals both Beaver and Tablerock upstream will dump their water into Bull Shoals so I am looking for some heavier generation in June and July.

As you can see Bull is 6 feet over the seasonal poll elevation and rising.  When we do get the bigger water which I like to fish it should be good for the bigger fish.

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