Last Day Of January: Lets Fish

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.UPDATE: 2:00 pm Monday….  Shad Patterns were working well below the Dam this morning before the water dropped out.

Tired of snow yet?  Ready for spring?  Yeah!  Me too.  We’ve got about 11 inches on the ground right now and it’s 19.8f out side at 7:30 A.M. with foggy conditions.  Looks like we’ll get above freezing for a bit today for some melting.  Here is a picture that will remind us of the coming spring. Green looks pretty good right about now.  The middle of march is when the Ozarks starts to green up with the dogwoods exploding into their white blooms.  It’s the sign of spring for sure.  Can’t wait.

Tomorrow  marks the opening of the 1 mile C & R  area just below bull shoals dam after being off limits for three months.  A regulation change will allow the fly fisher to use multiple flies such as a dry and a dropper as long as the barbs are smashed down.  This should be fun with shad kill flies as well.  I’ve got some new patterns I can’t wait to try out. A floating pattern with a dropper should be very productive depending on how the shad come through the dam.  Hopefully their swim bladders have not burst after coming through the turbines and a few will be floating on the surface.  This last blast of cold air should do the trick and cause this event.  It looks pretty good.  If you have never fished a shad kill but have always heard about it now is the time to set a trip up with an experienced guide by giving me a shout at 870-404-8906.  If you are in the area and will be fishing out of a boat drop by the shop and pick up your shad patterns.  I’ll show you how to rig them.  My wife Debbie will be in the shop if I’m on the water and she can show you as well.

© Bob Banks
© Bob Banks

U Generation yesterday began with 5 units and increased to 7 units for most of the day.  Today it is scheduled for 5 1/2 units or 270 MW and the tomorrow is scheduled for 6 units or 300 MW.  The lake is at 654.96 and is not really dropping at all.  I think we’ll see heavy generation for at least another 7 days or more.  The lake temps yesterday were at 44f.

Early Spring Brown on Low Water

Tie one on my friends.


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