Snow~Snow~and More Snow!

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At 2:30 thursday
At 2:30 thursday

4:00 pm and the snow hasn’t quit.  We did get lucky in that it was not an ice storm.  Looks like the folks in Oklahoma got it again.  Thats three times for them in 5 years.

Snow on the ground this morning in North Arkansas and it’s still coming down. We have 5 inches on the ground with another 2 to 4 inches forecast for the rest of the day. Drove down to the lake this morning and took the temp which is pretty much the same at just slightly below 44 ?. This coming monday the one mile catch and release area below bull shoals dam will open to fishing again.  This area is shut down every November 1st until February 1st for a three month period to protect spawning fish in this area. These fish have not been pressured so fishing this area will be productive.

Perhaps the sun, the moon and the stars will line up along with generation and this highly anticipated event will occur in our near future. Perhaps next week.   It’s looking good though with a cold snap headed our way that may finally push the water in the lake to the 42 ? mark or the Magic Number that seems to portend this great event many from around this area as well as those from far away reaches of the rest of the country. We eagerly await.  Big schools of shad are in coves near the dam where the gulls and other migratory birds have been congregating.  At times these shad are working the surface feeding on midges which does attract the gulls as well as the herons.  The lake temps on the shore line were at 44 1/4 this morning and are almost at 42 near the center of the lake near the dam.  In fact lots of reports from around the lake ranging from 38 to 45.  Then all we will need is generation.



Don’t forget to sign up for my shad kill alert by sending an e-mail to with shad kill in the subject line.  Those who sign up for the alert are the first to know of this event.  Don’t forget to pick up the phone and book your trip for feb, march and early april which are the prime months to fish the shad kill.  My number is 870-404-8906.  Try to avoid friday and saturdays if you can and sundays through thursdays are the least crowded days as large numbers of boats can slow or even shut the fish down.  ©2010 Jim Traylor

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Fish well my friends.

Jimmy T.

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