W & F Fly Shop is pleased to announce this sale on hooks till the end of March or until supplies last.

Lightning Strike SE3 compare to TMC 2457 or Daiichi 1120  100 ct $11.88 in sizes #14,16 and 18

Lightning Strike SE1 Compare to TMC 2487 or Daiichi 1130 100 ct $11.25 in sizes 14,16 & 18

Lightning Strike SE7 Compare to TMC 2488H or Daiichi 1640 100 ct $11.88 in sizes 14,16 & 18

Tungsten Bead Over Stock:  $10.00 per hundred on 1/8th (3 mm) silver and copper beads

These beads were ordered in 7/64 or 2.8 mm and marked as such.  Basically they sent me the wrong ones and I have about 4,000 of each of those sizes and colors.

Dealer orders welcome.

No shipping on orders of $60.00 or more.  

No sales tax if ordered outside the state of arkansas.  Add sales tax of 8% inside the state of arkansas.  Visa and Master Card accepted.  Shipping will not exceed $2.50 and will run $1.85 for up to 4 packages of hooks. Call 870-445-3848 to order or send an e-mail to jim@flyfisharkansas.com  to arrange for payment by check.  If you are in the area drop by the shop in Bull Shoals next to the TY-STAR quick stop at 627 hwy 178. 


Phone 870-445-3848

W&F Fly Shop

PO Box 751

Bull Shoals, Ar 72619

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