High Temps = High Water

Seems like we went from winter to summer with not much spring in between to give a bit of transition time for the body to get used to.  Maybe it’s just me but it sure seems like it got hot early for a June.  Nevertheless the higher temps will pretty much guarantee high water flows as long as there is some water for the S.W.P.A. to use to make power and when the price of electricity skyrockets you can be pretty sure that generation will as well. Generation: Six units pretty much all the time this past week however it just depends on wether or not it’s a full 100% six units or just 50% of the six.  Evening generation is down to 11,000 Cfs and yesterday reached 18,000 Cfs or 272 MW.  Beaver lake, the first lake on the White River is near the top due to the rain we really did not get here.  This water will first go into Table Rock lake and then into Bull Shoals lake.  It’s not a big deal in that it won’t affect Bull Shoals much as Beaver lake is not big compared to Bull Shoals Lake.  It might add 3 or 5 inches of water to Bull Shoals.

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From the C.O.E. website

ROGERS, Ark.–The Army Corps of Engineers will begin making releases June 24 through the hydropower turbines at Beaver Dam to bring the lake level down to elevation 1,121.4 feet, which is the top of the conservation pool.  The lake is currently at elevation 1,124.7 feet.  The high lake levels were caused by repeated rains during the spring.

Owners of docks on Beaver Lake are being advised to move their docks as needed to prevent them from grounding as the lake recedes.  Officials also caution anglers downstream from the dam to be extra vigilant because currents will be strong and swift, and downstream boat dock owners should ensure their docks are properly secured to withstand high flows.

In the absence of any further heavy rain, the lake level will drop between one-quarter and one-half foot each day.  Hydropower generation releases will average between 18 to 24 hours per day and continue until the lake falls to elevation 1121.4 feet.   Without additional rainfall, the higher release rates will continue into the first week of July.

Fishing has been decent the past week but does slow down somewhat when the heat really hits.  The moss situation is still clearing somewhat and only gets worse when generation picks up a few thousand CFS which really stirs things up.  You can see some in this pic below.

Brown Trout

I am still seeing sulphers and tuesday afternoon they were thick up at the dam as they were last year.  10 years ago we never saw this hatch at the dam or rarely saw them.  Pheasant tails and the Randy Sublett tied one fly is a good choice along with a copper john is fishing well on the upper end of the river on a long leader with two bb shot under an indicator about 12 feet long.

Jim from Kansas City got this fish on tuesday.  It was almost 21 inches long.

Jim Lockwood from Kansas City with 21 inch brown.

This fish was released and swam away with vigor.

The lake level is now at 658.93 and over the past 24 hour period has dropped a 1/2 foot.  The normal pool elevation is 654.00 msl and in may we saw generation drop down and we had some wadeable water when the lake level hit 656.50 so we may see that again.  At a half a foot a day we will be at the 654 level in 10 days assuming no rain.  This could be extended a day or two with beaver dumping some water into Table Rock but I don’t think it will affect us much.  We’ll see.  I’m not an expert on this .  If as in may we start seeing wadeable water at the 656.50 level then we are only 5 to 7 days away from this level at current generation.  One thing I am sure of though is when I try to predict what the C.O.E. and S.W.P.A will do it will for sure change.

Good fishing.


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