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Midges were prolific yesterday with many different kinds of flies working.  I had lots of fun with a CDC Loop Winged Emerger on the surface for a bit.  No generation yesterday but the water is on this morning as of 7:00 A.M.

Looks like the petition is shaping up as many of you have signed it. Many thanks to you.  Here is some economic impact info:  Here is the link

A petition to save funding for the hatcheries.  Sign the petition by clicking on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser. I encourage you to go to this website and add your name.  It is easy.  I am #89

If you have questions contact Teresa VanWinkle (417)389-4908 by phone or e-mail  flyfishingdiva@yahoo.com


(all of the following information is taken from the actual FY2012 FWS Resource Management Budget Request wich was presented to the President.)


The effected 9 National Mitigation Fish Hatcheries are:

Based on FTE’s (Full Time Equivalent)

1) Garrison Dam- Economic Output: $2, 021,300
Stocks: North Dakota
COE Funding: 40%
Jobs- 21

2) Neosho (Oldest Historical Hatchery in the Federal System Est. 1888)
Economic Output: $10,326,500
Stocks: Missouri 98%, Kansas 1% and Iowa 1%
COE Funding: 60%
Jobs- 103

3) Wolf Creek-    Economic Output: $ 18,105,676
Stocks: Kentucky78%, North Carolina 6%, Tennessee 9% and Georgia 7%
COE Funding: 58%
Jobs: 184

4) Erwin-            – Total Brood Stock Facility- providing disease free eye-eggs to the rest of

the Nat’l Fish Hatchery System
COE Funding 60% and Tennessee Valley Authority Fund: (TVA) 7%

5) Chattahoochee-
Economic Output: $16,512,900
Stocks: Georgia 98%, North Carolina 4%
COE Funding: 92%, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 7%
Jobs: 155

6) Dale Hollow-  Economic Output: $39,157,100
Stocks- Tennessee 100%
COE Funding: 34%, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) 60%
Jobs: 263

7) Greers Ferry- Economic Output: $50, 300,100
Stocks: Arkansas 89%, Oklahoma 11%
COE Funding: 100%
Jobs: 597

8) Norfork-       Economic Output: $72,185,300
Stocks: Arkansas 92%, MO 2%, Georgia 2%, Oklahoma 2%, Tennessee 2%
COE Funding: 98%
Jobs: 852

9) Jones Hole-   Economic Output: $35,054,500
Stocks: Utah 58%, Wyoming 43%
CUPCA Funding: 100%
Jobs: 376

Now for the Math:
*Total Jobs Contributed: 3,500
*Total Economic Benefit- $325 million


A word or two not on the fact sheet: Ponder this-

A bit more information: not all of these hatcheries raise only trout, many of them raise host fish, brood stock, mussels and have recovery efforts for other species that effect the eco system of our fragile aquatic resources.
Also, many of you as do I fish for other species of fish during the year, if successful, and the 2012 Presidents Budget makes these cuts, should the National Fisheries Budget get another cut in the coming future then the next hard hit would go to the cool or warm water mitigation facilities and effect the Sport Fishing Community as well, steelhead, salmon, etc.

This is a trickle down effect that we cannot allow to happen.

Any Questions!

Thanks for your time.






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