Lake Dropping~Flows Slowing

The lake is at the new normal pool elevation of 661.4 which is right at 7  foot higher than the old pool elevation of 654.00 Yep!  I too thought it was going to be 559  or another 5 feet higher but today I look at the charts and the new Top Power Pool reads 661.4   Oh Well!  This is of course in preparation  for the new and widely advertised minimum flow program.  Of course no one can get a real answer as to just how much water will be added to the normal no generation or no flow levels.  Like you I have heard numbers all the way from 3 inches up to 24 inches.  I guess we will find out when it actually happens.  Speaking of flows!  Anywhere from 12,000 CFS and as of today 2 July 2013 all the way down to 3400 CFS.  Perhaps we will be seeing some wadeable water again soon.  We continue to see sulphers on the White River in the afternoons especially when the sun pops out.  Seems like we have been seeing fewer of them since this little chill hit us this past Friday.  Oh those lovely temps!  Wish they would stay.  So needless to say various types of PTs bounced on the bottom with a long leader and some “B” and “BB” sized shot (depending on CFS) have been garnering some pretty good fish along with peach or golden nugget eggs (#12’s) as an attractor after noon and in the mornings a grey or tan sow bug fish the same way.  If we do begin getting lighter flows this guide will switch to midges and a shorter leader as well as go from 4X down to 5X Maxim fluorocarbon and little if any shot as the tungsten on the two flies should do the trick of getting to the desired depths.  If we do actually see some off water I will stick with my long leaders and 5X from the State Park down to Rim Shoals and start using the planaria as well as other non beaded flies and perhaps a hopper or stimulater in place of the indicator.   I’m partial to sinking loop wing emerger type of flies as well as WD 40’s and other in the film type of flies and bouncing them on the bottom of the river.  The trick of course is to get the weight just right so as not to get caught up in the moss and the didymo.  I also tie up and use a lot of the same type of tungsten bead head flies you use and suspend under an indicator only I tie them up on a straight hook and usually in size #20.  It’s sort of the old style as opposed to new style.  Both will work and some times one will work better than the other but simply depends if the fish are looking up for something or not.

The picture above is of buddy Wayne R from Little Rock.  We fished last august on a low water day with two other buddies.  In 5 hours these pretty dang good fisherman hooked and landed 30 brown trout.  Wayne of course being the extraordinary fisherman he is managed to land two 24 inch fish that day.  The picture is my fun with a photo app I acquired last year.

Remember to have a safe 4th and give thanks to our founders and forefathers who pledged all that they had including their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to give us the freedom that is our duty to protect.  I know I will as two Traylors from Virginia (father & son and my fore bearers ) crossed the Deleware the night before Washington did as scouts.

Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy “T” Traylor

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