October Is Good~Surface Action~Flows~Henry’s Report

Ant’s and hoppers at the dam and in the State Park.  One day it’s pretty good and the next it’s only so-so.  However also got into a mess of fish on the surface and below the surface on floating shad patterns with a shad dropper and it was a bunch of fun but it only lasted one day.  Red midges are still working on the river and producing lots of numbers.

Henry’s report:

We have seen a lot of activity on our rivers the past two – three weeks, the conclave was in town which always brings in a bunch folks from all over the country.

The waders who are now showing up for the first time since minimum flow started, seem to be a little baffled by how the rivers have changed.  Well, you can rest assured that the trout are still there and as big or bigger and just as feisty as ever.  The good news is you do not have to wade out as far as you did in the past to find quality fishing.

The trout have really been hitting midges.  Redder the better.  Almost any midge in sizes #18 – #24 are pulling in fish if it has red in it.  Jimmy T. has been using a hopper with a red midge dropper and doing very well.  Other flies that I have been having excellent results on are PT (pheasant tail) midges, Hares ear midges, Sowbugs and the rubber band midge.  When the water level starts fluctuating, Sowbug / scuds seem to be the answer.

The State Park, Wildcat, Rim Shoals and Buffalo Shoals are  producing well.  You may have to work a little to get to the more productive spots but it is well worth it.  Had several friends come in over the weekend from Nashville, TN and they were very please with the results they got from wading Rim Shoals.

More good news, the local Mountain Home T U Chapter planted Bonneville Cut Throat’s in both the Norfork Tailwaters and the Bull Shoals Tailwaters earlier this year, anglers are now reporting catching cut throats in the 6″ – 8″ length in these area’s of the river.  The most identifiable areas would be Rim Shoals on the White and between Quarry Park and Mill Dam Eddy on the North Fork.

You want to make sure to thank fly shops such as Wishes and Fishes in Bull Shoals for their supporting of the Mountain Home TU Chapter to make the planting possible as well as helping in the sponsor of Trout in the Classroom for the kids.  This to make for better fishing on our great rivers.

Thanks Jimmy T. for your support in our efforts.



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