Dry Fly Action Continues.

This guide sure hasn’t expected this dry fly bite to continue for so long, especially after this front has moved in. The early morning temps are cool with tems this morning at 54 with afternoon highs into the low 80’s. Generation has been pretty constant with round the clock generation of up to 4 units in the evening and 2 or 3 during the day. The yo-yo effect of the water affects the bite on the upper end of the river in that when the water is dropping the dry fly bite is better (go figure) but have seen it before in the past. I’m not complaining however and have been looking forward to the drop. Strikes can still be had on rising water but it does seem to slow down somewhat.

This past thursday I fished with a father, son and daughter from Florida. The father is a FF’ing guide in the keys and all three were pretty good with fly rods. Of course there was competition between the son and daughter. The daughter won of course….she was in the catching seat next to me.

Since the lake is lower and below normal pool elevation by a couple of feet and it is getting cooler the guides on the river have been expecting some no generation days. OH Well! The lesson of course is one can not trust logic when it comes to attempting to predict what the corps or SWPA will do. Kinda like learning not to trust the predicted generation schedule or what it says on the current generation hotline we all have programed into our cell phones.

Later in the month or into october the fishing will be better further down stream and I will move that direction and begin fishing there and will move upstream to fish as the late fall and winter season approaches. Sight fishing on low water I hope but will deal with whatever water levels given by the DAM FOLKS

Good fishing.

Jimmy T.

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