Happy Easter~Fishing Report

Joel with nice Brown Trout

Easter has come and gone and Joel and Jim from Tulsa and I pretty much had the river to our selves for the past two days.  Sunday was a beautiful day and started out pretty good. We hit a high gravel bar on the river and proceeded to pull a fish or two off of it every single drift for an hour and a half.  Working the down stream side of a creek was also very productive with a few more brown trout as well as rainbows coming of a shallow grassy area with roughly 2 units of water.  Monday was overcast with some heavy drizzle and a bit more water.  Our gravel bar wasn’t quite as productive as the day before but the down stream side of the creek was with several brown trout to the net.  Further down stream we worked some gravel drop offs with success as well as other shallow grassy areas.  For both of those days our san juan worms and grey sow bugs produced right at 25 brown trout for the two days.  The first day we also tried to catch the caddis hatch in some dirty rising water to no avail.

Jim with 18 inch bow

Jim above was pretty excited about this good bow he hooked and landed on the first day.  Jim and Joel hooked and landed several good bows both days.  Using a long rig about 9 or 10 feet from an indicator with two BB shot placed apart from each other allows the entire rig to sink and drift over shallow areas with very few hang ups or false indications.  Fluorocarbon tippet is a must and I use either Maxima or Rio and Maxima knotless leaders which turn over well with this rig.

Stay Fishy

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