Sept 21 White River Report

This past saturday saw close to 5 inches of rain in one day with most of it coming in a matter of a few hours which caused some flooding and some waterfalls off some bluffs which looks pretty cool. I fished in it saturday. The fish were biting pretty well but it sure was miserable for the fisherman. I think I’ve decided to put an electric bilge pump in my boat as I could hardly keep up with a scoop and run the boat while trying to see where I was going. Both friday and saturday were good days for fishing. Friday the water was down until it hit us at 4:00 pm.
Wednesday I fished with B.Greer which many of you will know from Ozark Chronicles or the Fly Fishing arkansas forum. He brough his buddy Moose and we had a pretty good day as well. Sorry no pics as yet but I’m still learning the new format. More info in the morning. I’ll get back on track with regular reports as the week goes by.

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