Lake Temps Drop

Well I guess it’s pretty much cold everywhere.  I won’t bore ya’ll with our temps here today but do hope everyone is staying warm.   The lake temp has dropped another degree and is now down to 46f.  The lake is at 662.98 and has dropped 8 1/2 inches over the last 24 hour period ending at 10:00 am this morning.  I should have taken a pic of the fog coming off the lake but it was cold and I was ready to get back in the truck.

Shad Kill Fish
Shad Kill Fish

It’s so cold that even the gulls are hiding in the protected cove at the boat ramp.  Havn’t seen any gulls by the dam in two mornings.  Don’t forget to check out the fly shop page if you are searching for tungsten beads.  Fly fishing Arkansas’ White River should be outstanding this coming year.  Don’t forget to sign up for the shad kill alert by sending an e-mail to with Shad kill in the subject line.

Book your trip soon for the early spring in february and march.

Stay Warm and hope all is well with you and yours on this chilly morning.

Jimmy T.

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  1. Not that cold in NW Washington. Water temps about 40 degrees, normal for this time of year. Yesterday was a bit cool (45) with a bit of a breeze. The water appeared clear, but the boat was filthy. A few lakes producing with blood worms and micro leeches, but very tight lipped where I was. Nice to be out and no snow here!


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