Looks like a big part of the country suffered some snow and icing events this past month and some areas have even gone through it twice.  This picture below shows what a bunch of snow can do to a boat dock on the White River.  The roof collapsed onto the dock itself with the boats trapped underneath.  Other docks along the White River as well as several docks on the upper end of the Norfork river have suffered as well.

Sportsmans Dock

It takes a fair bit of weight to do damage like this.  Newlands suffered a bit of damage as did Gastons with some boats getting pushed under the water.

Generation the past few weeks has been pretty heavy with up to 7 units generating.  The lake level on Bull Shoals has risen due to some pretty heavy rains and a saturated ground due to 8 inches of snow and ice pellets.  The lake is also turning over and the water is stained coming out of the dam and has been this way for a while.  We are watching and checking closely daily for any shad that might be coming through the dam.  We could use a good shad kill this year as it has been awhile since we have had a good one.  It would cause a pretty good growth spurt if this were to happen.  We would see some 20 inch fish get to 22 or even 23 inches in a couple of months.

Here is hoping you all had a blessed Christmas and wishing you all a good 2014 as well.  I will be starting out the new year in my new Xtream Boat! which was a great surprise to me when I found out about it on Christmas Eve.  My friend and fellow guide Jeff Moore was going to re-do the inside of my current boat but decided it would be easier to just make a new one as he has gone into the business of boat building as of October.  He and his crew have re-worked the mold, made new molds for dry boxes and live wells and made new molds for the front deck and front deck lid.  Those guys have gotten pretty good at it.  Some of you may know that we have been making boats just for ourselves and when Jeff wanted to do it professionally I opted out since I  guide and run a fly shop and knew I would not have time for a 3rd business.  Jeff is across from Hodges hodges marine in Bull Shoals and two of his boats are on display at the perfect catch boat dealership in Bull Shoals.  Here is is phone number if you are interested are have any questions.  870-405-4983  Jeff also holds the unofficial record for the biggest brown trout caught on the White River.

20′ 9″ long 48 1/2 wide 72″ across the top in the back
Front Deck will hold a big bag or two.

Fishing reports from guides and other going into the shop have reported some good days on various types of egg patterns and white and grey colored streamers.  The big water is making it pretty dirty and mossy but clears up rapidly in the state  park.

Tungsten beads are on the way and we will be fully stocked by the new year.  Check out http://theflyfishing-store.com for inventory levels and new products.  We have also added and will continue to add flies to the web store.



Happy New Year.

Call Jim at 870-404-8906 and book your February and March fishing dates.


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