Good Week For Catchin'

This past week from last weekend through this weekend has been good for catching numbers of trout.  Last weekend I had a couple from Texas who are staying at Copper Johns in an RV for a month.  A very fun retired couple who love to fly fish as they have just taken it up this past october after taking lessons from Ron McQuay.   Our first day was spent at the dam where we got into some pretty good rainbows fishing the bottom on 6 units with SJ Worms and eggs.  The next day saw some lower water overnight which meant I would fish further down stream and catch the 2 units at ranchetts.  We ran upstream and found the falling water at rim shoals which I rode downstream.  A super day for numbers of fish and I clicked off 63 fish for that day.  I then did a three day trip with another two guides and spent most of this time fishing the upper end from the State Park down to the top of wildcat shoals.  We did well in the cane island and did manage to hook and land one 19 inch brown trout during that time and bundles of bows over the three day period.  On thursday I fished with a gentleman from texas whom I have been fishing with for over a decade.  On this day we caught some no generation water on the Norfork and we launched at the confluence and went upstream, spotted some fish and wade fished for the first time since april.  It was heaven and we had this section of the river to ourselves. After s short rain with raindrops so big we thought it was hail we began nailing some fish on a black bugger for about 45 minutes which then it’s like some one threw the off switch on the catchin’.  Rick my fisherman said he saw a fish take a caddis off the surface and I found a fly that was close to what he described.  I greased the fly up so it would float high and the catchin’ began again.  If the fish didn’t take it off the surface they would take it stripping it in.  After a short lunch we enjoyed the low water and the pleasure of wade fishing for another hour but we both knew we would soon be dirfting out of the boat again as generation had started and we had about an hour before the water would come in.  We had to make a run up to the dam to find clean water and on the first drift hooked and landed one and got another strike.  The water cleaned up quickly and we hit the C&R area down stream and caught a couple of more fish.  A good day and the choice of the fork worked out well.   The next two days brought a group of six who knew each other and mostly went to high school together.  They all met in Tulsa and drove over to the White River.  We got a late start with 7 1/2 units of water and three people in each boat.  The catching began right away and lasted for a couple of hours before it slowed down.  We fished till 6:30 and called it a day as these guys headed to the resort they were staying in to check in.  The next day I put in at cotter and found the rising water for that morning and rode the rise down past the buffalo river on tow units of water with 2 more we were riding.  The catchin’ was much better I clicked off 42 fish  for the day with my two anglers.  A good week of catchin’ it was so if you are inclined give ma a call at 870-404-8906 and lets go catchin. 

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