Thanks Giving Week Fishing Report

News Flash:

UPDATE 4:54 pm CT……..    Generation Schedule is predicting 335 MW (mega watt) which equates to roughly 22,619 CFS or cubic feet per second.  this would be 6.8 or almost 7 units of the 8 units available.  Of course it is only a prediction by S.W.P.A

According to saturdays local paper the C.O.E. is planning on much heavier releases as of Dec 1st which is tomorrow tuesday Dec 1 2009 which will include the use of flood gates in conjunction with regular turbine release.  I’ll pop down and take some pics and give a report tomorrow.

Fishing Report:

Wednesday and friday of this past week were spent fishing with Dr. Rick from Dallas.  The weather warmed up for us nicely and so did the fish.  Friday was a little slower than wednesday count of 73 fish.  Saturday I fished with a father and son from the Memphis area and once again the fish count was high as the fish took our flies well.  All three days were spent fishing from the narrows up to the state park.  Yesterday I fished with Mike N. from Houston for a half day.  Mike did manage to hook and land two brown trout at 16 inches.  The one pictured below was the fatter of the two:

16 inch Fat and Sassy Brown Trout
16 inch Fat and Sassy Brown Trout

A tungsten bead white streamer worked in two consecutive drifts.  We were hoping it would work three times but were rewarded with rainbows.  This day we fished from the bottom of the state park down into gastons hole.


Don’t forget to sign up for the Shad Kill Alert by sending an e-mail to   with shad kill in the subject line.  You will get an automated response letting you know your request was accepted.   Those who signed up for this ALERT last year were the first to know about this exciting event.  I’ve started preparing for this event by tying the necessary flies for the shad kill.  I’ve also added a few new flies to the arsenal I’ve developed over the past 15 years.  Look for more info about the SHAD KILL later in the week.

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