Tungsten Beads: New Arrival

Our new shipment of tungsten beads will be in this week.  All of the usual colors in Copper, Gold, Black, Nickel Black (gun metal) Silver and Nickel as well as all the sizes 1/16th-5/64-3/32-1/8-5/32 and 3/16 will be in stock.  Our prices are low at $4.00 per 25 ct on the above up to 1/8 and $4.50 on the 5/32 and 3/16th.  

New and in limited supply will be Chartreuse, Fl Orange in 5/64 and 3/32 and Hot Pink in 5/64, 3/32 and 7/64th.  These beads are $6.50 per 25 ct. package.  Ask about our other fly tying items such as Lightning Hooks from $10.00 per hundred Dubbing materials, Uni threads as well as ultra threads.  Also in stock: 1 ounce packages of maribou for $5.50 in white, greay, Sculpin olive, olive, green and hot pink.  We also carry Rio leaders, tippet and fly lines.  Also in stock: Maxima chameleon butt to ultra green tippet 9 ft and reg $3.69 and is on special at $2.99.


Call the shop at 870-445-3848 or send an e-mail to wishfish@wholedamarea.com for more info.  We accept Visa and Master Card.


Good fishing


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