White River Report 8/11/10


Generation this past weeks has been a mixed bag of generation from none all the way up to a full eight units.  As hot as it has been getting power demand has driven flows from the dam.  Late last week we saw a few days with no generation in the am except for a quick surge of a unit or so for an hour or two to keep water temps down for  trout survival and now we are seeing a 24 hour generation period the past couple of days with some pretty weak water generation of 1,000 CFS to less than 2,000 CFS in the mornings with lots of fluctuation until 11 or 12 when generation really kicks in.


The catching part has been good after a bit of a slow down last monday.  On thursday catching was good and it rained pretty good on us in the afternoon.  Friday was a beautiful day on some low water and it stayed cool most of the day after more rain in the morning.  Both low and high water were very productive.  Here are some pictures:

22 3/4 incher

Jim B from North Carolina and his 22 3/4 inch brown trout.

22 3/4 inch brown

Two cast later he hooked this fish as the water was rising on us. This one went 18 inches.

18 inch brown

After the water came up on us we motored up to the dam.  Jim’s son J.R. hooked and landed this one on 4 units of water.

JR's 18 incher

On the next drift JR’s friend Jake hooked and landed this 17 incher

Jake with his 17 inch bow. Fat & Sassy

The water continued to rise on us and the fish kept taking our flies until the generation leveled out when it began to slow down.  Saturday I picked up the ladies of this crew and it began to rain right away.

The lake level is down to 654.82 and has dropped very slowly this past week.  Look for generation to continue as it has been until this weekend when we may see some more extended wadeable water along with some shut off time as it should cool down starting Saturday.

Fly Shop:

We’ve added a few more items this past week to the shop and have more hoppers and chernobyl ant headed this way for this week.  The hopper bite has been good and Trout Crack was the fly on fridays low water fishing that caught our good fish.

You’ll need to keep your hoppers and ants floating so they can hold up your droppers and this is a great way to keep them floating high.  This past week we got in the best floatant one can buy:  Mucilin.  This product sells for $4.99 and through this Saturday drop in and pick some up for only $3.95.  That’s 20 % off the Regular Price.

Good fishing.


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