White River Fly Fishing

Nice Pheesh!

22 3/4 incher. good Job Jim

This from a friend who posted it on his website at the end of July.  David is an avid fly fisherman and bamboo rod builder.  Thanks for the Kudos David.   A link to Davids blog is to the right at the blog roll.  The Searcy Sow Bug or use this link. http://www.searcysowbug.blogspot.com/


Posted by David Bolin

Some secrets are best kept close to the vest.  But I’ll let one slip this time.  I’ve been tying with tungsten beads for several years now.  It’s always been a painful experience to pay for them at 25 cents a bead or more… until Jimmy T started carrying bulk beads in his fly shop a couple years ago.  Jimmy is a fly fishing guide.  So his fly shop is sparse.  It’s not you’re typical shop with 27 versions of every fly gadget ever created.  He just stocks what he needs to outfit his clients.  And he buys in bulk.  Maybe there are better deals out there on the internet somewhere, but at Jimmy’s prices, I’d be wasting my time looking for them.  Besides, Jimmy is one of the good guy’s in the local fly fishing business.  It’s not like you’re ordering from a big mail order warehouse.  It’s just Jimmy’s cool little fly shop in Bull Shoals Arkansas.  If you’re looking for a good deal on tungsten beads, check out Jimmy T’s web site.  Or if you need a guide on the Norfork or White Rivers, Jimmy’s the man.


By the way, I suppose I’m being a little selfish about this.  I figure if Jimmy sells beads, he’ll continue to stock them.  So I admit this post is partially for my personal benefit.


Thanks David.  Hope to see you again soon.

Jimmy T.

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  1. I’ve fished with both David and Jimmy many times and hopefully will do so again in the future. Jimmy is fun. We catch fish and laugh the whole time. David usually catches bigger fish than I do but I usually catch more. Jimmy is also a teacher. Some of “his” techniques may not make much sense to some but his clients use them and catch fish and that’s what they hire a guide for. Not only can Jimmy get tungsten but he has accounts with other distributors and if they carry what you want, Jimmy can probably get it for you. In today’s economy, I will continue to buy from him because I’m comfortable with him and he treats people fairly.

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