Fishing Report May 4&5 Cicadas-Norfork

Mike "Maddog" Davis

Wednesday I fished with old buddy Mike for the day which is always fun and entertaining.  We tried out some new flies and found two that worked very well.  One tied from mink and the other a midge tied on a 2499 SP BL that also worked very well.  No brown trout this day but lots of good looking rainbow trout with a few in the 17 and 18 inch range.

Bill D. from Tx via Main

The next day Bill and wife Sharon fished with me and it turned out to be a good day especially using the new mink fly.  Bill also had a great fly we used towards the end of the day which caught his brown trout as well as some great bows with one about 20 inches that got off at the boat.

Cicada Periodical

The 13 year Brood XIX Cicada emergence will begin soon as the nymphs have begun making their air & escape holes.  Perhaps this weekend we will begin to see a few.  It won’t be long that these loud little creatures will be heard.  Seen above is a Cicada designed to catch fish for our area.  We should see 4 types of this bug and when they begin to fall out of the trees into the rivers, lakes, and ponds fish will begin to key in on them.  Stock up by calling the shop 870-445-3848 and get yours today.  We have 4 different kinds in stock that range from $2.50 ea to $3.75 ea.  Seen below are two types of emergence holes.  One type has a chimney much like an ant hole but larger and the other type has no chimney.  Wet or moist ground will produce the chimney type hole and the other type is generally found on more rocky ground.

Holes with chimneys and holes without chimneys.  Take a look in your back yard to see if you have emergence holes.  If you do the nymphs will crawl out in about 7 to 10 days and fly into the trees to feed and then mate.  It’s going to be a loud time of year with four different types

of these bugs.  Each one has a different sound and rhythm.

Seen below also are a couple of pictures of some heavy flows of 32,000





Norfork is now only running 660 CFS and is very fishable. The lake level at the Norfork lake is 579.29.  Bull Shoals Lake is at 690.51 with three units on.  Generation has been weak with up to three units except for last night when 6 units were running for a couple of hours.

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