River Conditions and Fabulous Fishing-River Monster?

Bull Shoals Flood Gates at 2.4 feet

As of this morning at 8:00 am Bull Shoals Dam has 6 units of water on and 17 flood gates open with 18,000 CFS for a total of 32,400 CFS. Down from yesterday and perfect water for fly fishing.  Once again I hit the water yesterday morning for a bit of pleasure fishing on my own and because fishing this big water is way too much fun and catching the brown trout has actually easier because they are easy to pattern in this water.  Simply put fish the water that is usually dry on 8 units.

Way Too much fun

That’s a pretty easy pattern isn’t it? And it’s like fishing 13 units of water and you really don’t have to wait till the water drops down to 8 units.  It just goes to show that one can’t always believe what outdoor writers say.  😉   The Norfork river has one unit working again and is pumping colder water back into the river and it also has 6 gates open to the tune of 3,000 CFS for a total of 6,000 CFS which is just like running both of the units on that river. Reports coming into the shop have some guides and even some bank fisherman catching Walleye, Striper, Sand (white) bass and Large mouth bass from the ramps down through the Newlands hole.  The COE has been dropping the water on the white slowly so as not to “trap” fish in areas where they will not live so if you see some of these fish take them back to the main channel but be safe while doing it.

White River Monster ?????

A fellow spin fishing guide had one of his fisherman foul hook this creature.  It looks a bit like a worm and is 5 foot long.  I thought it was a lamprey but it does not have a mouth like a lamprey.  It was turned over to state authorities.  I’ve never seen anything like it!  Have You?  If so please contact me as I’d really like to know what it is.  The best I could come up with on the internet is a palouse worm (Driloleirus americanus) but it does not really look like that either.  It dosn’t look like anything I’ve ever seen but perhaps the biologist have an idea?

I know!  It’s the White River Monster

This from:  to read the complete story


Here is an eerie early morning photo of the dam from yesterday.

Early Morning on The White river

High Water Fishing is Fun with Fly Fish Arkansas.

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  1. Wow Jimmy!! Let us know if you find out what the heck that critter is. It’s hard to see in the bag, but it does look like some type of worm though. So glad they kept it and turned it in to the biologists. Looking forward to learning what it is. Thanks Jimmy!!

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