Generators Fixed? Sulphers

Two units started our day and it ended with 6 but was up to 7 for a bit this afternoon and it did get a bit trashy but we had two inches of rain locally in our area with a bit of run off.

Dave and his son Travis drove up from Mississippi yesterday to do some fishing and hang out.  We got an early start and hit the river.  Travis had never had a fly rod in his hands before but he picked it up fast.  He and the 11 foot Greys 2 wt rod got along great and by lunch he looked like he had been fishing for a few years.  Travis got some “Fat & Sassy ” bows at the dam and a small brownie in the park.  After lunch the horn sounded and it looked as though all 8 units were turning and for a while we had the water of 7 units.

Garret seen on the left from Texas also 15 got this fish on Wednesday and like Travis also had one very even keel & temperament.  Garret and his folks have been fishing with me for the past three years and they are a lot of fun.  Janet (the reader) actually did some fishing the second day and had a blast.

Travis taking the picture focused on the important stuff with this picture  “The Fish” .

Sulphers were a bit slower today but the wind kicked up pretty go with gust to 20 mph which is unusual for our summers in the Ozarks.  We do have a few days left open at the end of this month so if you are thinking about a cold water trout fishing trip pick up the phone and call 870-404-8906.  Bring a light jacket though as you’ll need it first thing in the morning.  Beat the heat with a cool Ozark trout fishing trip.  Half days or full days.  We supply it all in one price by supplying all you need at no extra charge.   All you have to supply is the fishing license and trout stamp.

Call 870-404-8906 today and beat the heat with a half or full day fly fishing adventure.  Beginners welcome.


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