Dam Work-Wadeable Water

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Bull Shoals Dam is now down to one lane road closures as of this morning.  So for those of you who venture this direction on a regular basis be prepared to wait a few extra minutes.  For those of you who cross the dam regularly you might want to leave home a bit earlier cause you know the chances of catching the red light are pretty good.

This past weekend saw some wadeable water with generation shut down over most of the weekend which ended Sunday evening at 6:00 pm.  The lake level at Bull Shoals is at 653.50 and has been holding steady over the past few days.  We missed last nights storms in North Central Arkansas but the Greers Ferry area and the Little Red River area did get some of this rain.  This past thursday a few shad came through the dam.  This does not constitute a shad kill but reports from fisherman on the lake indicate it is overloaded with shad at this time as there has not been a good shad kill with shad coming through the dam in a few years.  Look for some more wadeable water during the weekends if the lake levels stay the same.  The C&R area will be open on Wed feb 1st this year.

Stay Fishey My friends.

Jimmy T.


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