Major Shad Kill:

Some shad have been trickling through since January but as of this morning shad were pouring through the dam and made it at least down to Gastons hole below Cane Island.  Yesterday we caught fish on shad most of the day using a dropper underneath a floating shad you see below.  We did get some lookers and some swirls on the floater but no real takes.  This morning fish were taking shad off the surface as well as deeper down.  We have not seen shad come through like this in 4 or 5 years and they were coming through in weak generation of three units.  The lake as of 7:00 pm last night is below the 654.00 ft mark so I’m not sure what will happen with generation at this point.  I’m hoping the kill will last another week or so but it won’t happen without generation.

As you can see in this picture the gulls were taking shad off the surface on Saturday and today Sunday tons of shad came through with fish taking them off the surface.

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Stay Fishy My Friends.

Jimmy T.

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