Fishing Report

Generation has been heavier with the cooler mornings when temps are in the 20’s and dropping later in the day as it warms us.  This weekend has been warmer and I’m hoping the water will be off for tomorrow so I can do a bit of fishing myself.  Unreal eggs and drastic plastic will be the choice flies.  Hoping for some good fish pics of brown trout like the one above.  If you are looking to fish for a bigger fish NOW is the time to be here.  Before Feb 1st.  Below is Henry’s walking and wading report.  We did get an unexpected snow storm Tuesday with about 3 inches of snow which is now gone.  Supposed to be 60 tomorrow Saturday.

Henry’s report:

Sitting here watching the snow melt from yesterdays weather prediction that went wrong and making plans to hit the river in the morning, but first have to make sure I have enough midges to get me through the day.

Four days ago wading the Bull Shoals Tailwater, temperature close to 70 degrees it was like the old days.  Bill and I stepped into the river below rim shoals and two hours later we meet up with each other for lunch laughing like little kids at how unbelievable the fishing had been.  We both figured we each had caught and released 30 plus trout and probably lost half again that many.  A most unbelievable 2 hours.

While sitting on the bank eating our sardines and crackers here comes 3 guys wading right down the middle of the river, water up to their chest and when seeing us and everyone saying howdy they commented on how lousy the fishing had been.  How could that be with Bill and I having a fantastic morning and hardly getting our boots wet.  Well here we have 3 guys wading where they should have been fishing, wading right through the middle of the fish.  What is the 1st thing your told “never step into the water until you looked to see if there are any trout below you”.  After giving these guys time to clear the area and rest the water for a time we resumed our fishing with the same fantastic results as we enjoyed that morning. All the trout we found were in the shallows out of the fast water and gorging themselves on midges and sowbugs.

Here we are heading into another weekend  that is shaping up to be a waders dream.  Low water and wonderful temperatures on both tailwaters (everything is subject to change) with plenty of warm sunshine.  Now would be a good time to clean your fly line, put on new leader and tippet and check you fly box for Zebra, P.T. and Brassie midges, Hares ear, Pheasant Tails and Sowbug nymphs and don’t forget to throw in some SJ worms, egg flies and Woolly Buggers.

In the event you are bringing your daughter or son and they are 15 or under by all means get them to Dry Run Creek.  Sowbugs, midges, SJW and egg flies are doing very very well right now.  Who knows you could get lucky and end up with a fishing buddy for the rest of your life, we should all be so lucky.

Life is good in the Ozarks.

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