January 2013

Keiths’ 24 1/2 inch male Brown Trout

Keith from Colorado flew into Little Rock in search of a Monster Brown trout on the White River in Arkansas to fish this past Saturday.  About 2:00 pm in the afternoon he had a good take and set the hook.  This 24 1/2 inch fish you see above took off and got him into his backing.  Keith knew what to do and kept his rod up.  No panic from this calm, cool and collected fisherman.  I explained that we would motor up to it but to be careful ’cause that fish could turn and run at him faster than he could reel.  Not a problem.  We got close and the fish made a smaller run but Keith was in control and got it to the boat and into the net.  It’s a fish like this that makes a day and for Keith it was the biggest Brown Trout he had caught out of a river.  The un-real egg on a weak one unit of water did the trick after throwing streamers all morning and seeing only small “bows”.  He worked and kept at it as we knew the fish were there and it was only a matter of time.

The one mile stretch below the dam opens back up on February 1st and as it fall on a weekend (next Friday is the 1st) I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be a pretty crowded weekend.  I’ll be out there with some buddies from St. Louis along with some others and am looking forward to the fun.

Should be a great year to fish the White River in Arkansas with Fly Fish Arkansas so pick up the phone and book your fishing adventure today.  It’s shaping up to be a low water year thus far and if targeting good brown trout like the one above is your goal then we are the shop with the guide service to put you on target.  Just check out our gallery over the past few years and you’ll see.

Great Fishing from Jim, Debbie and the crew at Fly Fish Arkansas and Wishes & Fishes Fly Shop in Bull Shoals Arkansas.  870-404-8906 to book fishing and the shop number is 870-445-3848



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