Guiding on the White River

A lovely fall day in the ozarks and on the white river as the leaves are changing and the fish are biting. A cool morning with a quick warm up with the temps hitting 76 today. The fishing started out hot as well with our first 4 drifts producing fish in cane island 2 of which were brown trout in the 15 inch range. Cecil and Bob caught on quick for our half day adventure which we ended up at the dam to get out of the wind. All in all a good day.

SAFETY WARNING: When fishing the white river always be aware of what is behind you. The area up by the dam has some boating hazards placed in august. This picture below is of a boat that got high centered on one of those hazards. This boat is a V-hull type boat with a keel that prevented this boat from easily freeing it’s self.

Generation for wednesday is scheduled to be much the same as the past 10 days with two or three units on at a 1/3rd to 1/2 throttle or 2500 to 4800 CFS which is a full two units. Once again the river will Yo-Yo a foot or so. Beware if you are wading or operating a boat. This past week a guide from one of the docks down stream did receive a citation from game and fish for crossing the 100 yard mark. Game officers in this area not only include the fine folks who drive the Green AG&F vehicles with the green tags but also include the fine folks at the state park who drive the white vehicles with the yellow Arkansas State Parks sticker on the side with the RED tags on the back. Be careful where you think the line is as each officer may consider the line to be in a different place. Some consider it the upstream edge of the red signs and others consider it the first powerline or the last power line closest to the dam. But be sure if you cross the line closest to the dam you are past the 100 yard mark.

Generation Update: Generation spiked today at 4 units for a short time. See tomorrows report.

Safe Fishing.

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