White River Fly Fishing Report Nov 1 thru 4

I’ve spent the last couple of day fishing with Scott R from Plano Texas.  Scott has been coming to fish the white river for a number of years and has been fishing with me for four years now.  Scott caught this 23 inch brown trout in the red-bud hole above Jenkins creek.  The lower end of the river has been fishing a little better than the upper end this week.  We are just moving past a full moon phase which should cause some more spawning activity which is in full force down stream and will move upstream as the weeks go by.

Generation is much the same as it has been with 2 units and CFS of  between 2400 and 56oo with an average of 3600 which is just over a unit and a 1/4.   It looks as though there is still some flooding downstream in Newport, Augusta & Georgetown.  At Newport and Augusta the flood stage is 26 feet and 21 feet at Georgetown.  At Georgetown the river is at 24.53 ft Augusta is at 34.48 and Newport is at 27.58.  Looks like this type of water will continue for another week barring any more rain which is not in the forecast.  Thank goodness.

The anvil egg that I’ve been playing around with is turning out to be one heck of a fly.  It’s a tungsten bead (colored) with a veil around it.  Works well over gravel and at this water level no shot is needed.  It also allows for a shorter leader from the indicator to the fly which makes it easier to cast as well.  Anvil eggs are available in the fly shop so stop by and get a few.  They come in a couple of different colors and sizes.  Don’t forget to check out the fly shop page from time to time for specials.

Good Fishing

Jimmy T.

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