Fishing Report for White River Arkansas: Nov

John M. From Little Rock
John M. From Little Rock

Earlier last week I began fishing lower down stream from the Rim Shoals area.  Friday saw more crowds at that area so I began moving upstream to get out of the crowds.  Friday was a windy day with three fisherman but a very productive one again with my tungsten bead anvill eggs.  Scott From Dallas hooked and landed a very nice 18 inch cut in Miller Hole.  Yesterday was a group trip with a couple from Dallas; Bo and Betsy and friends Vicky and John from Little Rock.  Again a windy day and of course thats where all the good fishing was.

We put in at Cotter and worked our way upstream fishing dropping water.  We took lunch early to wait on the next rise and our timing was perfect.  After lunch we went upstream to to catch this water and hammered fish right away in tucker.  We gave the narrows a short shot but it didn’t produce as well.  We moved back down stream to wildcat and caught a few.  We continued down stream to below Beards Crossing.  This was the spot for the day as we drifted it at least 20 times with multiple hook ups to end our day with over 70 fish.  Both days were hi-number days using the anvil egg as well as other types of eggs on a long leader.

Here is Scott with his cut.  One good cut that gave him a heck of a fight.  I was suprised when we finally got a look at it.  A couple of weeks ago we caught a 20 inch cut in the state park.

Scott from Dallas
Scott from Dallas

Good fishing.  Don’t forget to sign up for the shad kill alert by sending an e-mail to with shad kill alert in the subject line.

Jimmy t.

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I have 25 years experience guiding on the White River and have taught 100's of folks how to fly fish. I welcome newcomers. My casting instruction technique is simple, gentle, easy going and highly productive. All trips are catch and release only.

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