November Fly Fishing on the White River

Dam Habitat
Dam Habitat

Fished with Mike Davis aka (Mad Dog) today.  We put in at Cotter and on the way down to Rim Shoals we stumbled across this on the back side of Round House Shoals island.  This is some of the “habitat” improvement intended for the dam that floated away when the C.O.E. decided to run 7 units back in august.  At least it’s going to some good use here.

Mike and I did well down in Rim Shoals.  We started at the very top just above the C&R area.  We both thought we saw a dead fish on the bottom that looked like a brown trout…..but then it moved.  It took me a few moments but I realized then what it was

Albino Trout????
Albino Trout????

as AG&F have put these fish in the river before.  They usually don’t last very long as not only can fisherman see them but so can the eagles, blue herons, osprey, ect.  Saw the stocking raft later on that day and he said he put them in the previous day.  One thousand of them.  I had to catch one to take a pic so I could post it here .  Once again Orange eggs as well as the anvil egg which is what I caught this one on.

Generation:  Ended briefly this morning for a couple of hours.  Don’t know why but did hear a rumor about an accident on the river.  The lake is up to 678.49 as of 3:00 pm this afternoon.  Normal pool is 654.00 so the lake is 24 1/2 feet up.  Looks like we’re gonna see some generation for awhile.  I’d hate to guess how long but it should go well with a shad kill if we also have a cold winter.   The river is still in flood stage down at George Town by 2.65 feet.  It dosn’t seem to be dropping much down there so this two unit stuff we are seeing may last a little longer.  Our weather for the past 10 days has been great with highs in the 70’s and even hitting 80 on saturday.

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Lunch for 4
Lunch for 4

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Tight lines and good fishing.

By JimTraylor

I have 25 years experience guiding on the White River and have taught 100's of folks how to fly fish. I welcome newcomers. My casting instruction technique is simple, gentle, easy going and highly productive. All trips are catch and release only.

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As usual, it was a bunch of fun fishing with Jimmy. We didn’t find any browns this time which confused both of us, but in addition to Jimmy’s “trophy”, I managed to catch about a 6″ cutthroat. We didn’t have the numbers we had last time Jimmy and I fished together but that was due to the falling water more than anything. Plus, when you’re having the fun I was having, numbers don’t matter. As often as Jimmy and I have fished together, it still amazes me that he can say there should be a fish right about where we are drifting and in a matter of seconds one of us has a fish on. I highly recommend anyone that wants to catch fish and have a ball doing it, by all means contact my buddy Jimmy T.

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