Caddis Hatches

Mike Davis

Mike Davis from Heber Springs and I did our annual just before the Sow Bug trip and he brought buddy Donny H with him for the second year in a row.  Fishing with Mike is always fun of course and the catching wasn’t bad either until later in the day.  Donny’s new caddis emerger worked well later in the day and Mike landed the best fish of the day a rainbow about 17 inches.  Donny had the only brown trout of 15 inches.  We had weak generation and dropping water for most of the day.  We did see a few caddis and reports coming in to the shop as well as at the Sow Bug indicate heavier Caddis hatches further down stream with spotty and weak hatches further upstream. Sounds like the Round House area and below are seeing the best hatches at this time but they will work upstream.


Good Fishing


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