End Of August

Mike Jackson from Mo

Cooler weather continues in the Ozarks and it almost feels Fall like except it’s a bit early for that.  This past sunday Mike Jackson and his wife Mickey spent the week fishing the White River with fellow guide Richard Ramsay and then with me this past Sunday Morning.  Seven brown trout in the net but failed to get the camera out in time to take a picture of the 22 inch brown trout Mike got which as it turns out is his best to date.  He is already talking about a trip for next year.  Mike works part time at Feather-Craft Fly Fishing in St. Louis.  We fished ants, midges, SJ Worms, Planaria and Scud.

Generation continues to be very weak with CFS under 3,000 or less than a unit of water. Even during the warmth of the afternoon generation is staying down.

Last month my friend Davy Wotton along with Gene from Fly Fish TV began working on his new video about fishing with midges.  It’s title will be Midge Magic.  I helped Davy out on one day and was his “Net Man” for the morning.  Davy hooked and landed some good brown trout that morning.  Wishes & Fishes will be the first to have these DVD’s in stock and I’ll let y’all know as soon as they get here.


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